2018, August, 06

Stuart and Marie at South Lodge Hotel

As I waited outside the church for Marie I was given an impromptu lesson in 'flossing' by one of the bridesmaids, which set the tone for this fun wedding on the 22nd June. For those, like me that dont floss, it's a dance and nothing to do with teeth! This clip shows some of the many highlights from Stuart & Maries's wedding at South Lodge Hotel.

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2018, August, 03

Jamie and Jade at Botleys Mansion

We returned to Botleys Mansion on the 21st June 2018 to record the wedding of Jamie & Jade. Catching some of the morning preperations followed by a wonderful ceremony in this fantastic location. This clip shows some of the many highlights from a lovely return visit to Botleys Mansion on a hot summers day.

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2018, July, 25

Stacey and Shane at Upwaltham Barns

This short clip shows some of the many highlights from our visit to Upwaltham Barns on the 30th June. From a glimpse of the morning preperations in the cottage to the crazy dance moves in the evening, this is a lovely reminder of another fab wedding at Upwaltham Barns.

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2018, July, 23

Abigail and Adrian at Upwaltham Barns

Everyone knows we love to film at Upwaltham Barns, and on this occasion it was a real treat to be working with Abigail and Adrian. This short clip taken from the full video shows some of the highlights including the beautiful song written and performed by the Maid of Honnour. A lovely day with a lovely couple.

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2018, July, 11

Nicola and Craig at Botleys Mansion

This short clip gives us a glimpse of the stylish wedding of Nicola & Craig and demonstrates the hard work this lovely couple put into orchestrating such a fabulous day.

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