2019, June, 01

Hannah and Joshua at Upwaltham Barns

We returned to Upwaltham Barns on the 18th May to celebrate and record the wedding of Hannah & Joshua. Happy faces, excitement and the lovely smell of fresh cut flowers which filled the barn all added to the atmosphere on this delighlful spring day. A pleasure to be part of this event and return to a venue we love so much. Congratulations Hannah & Joshua!

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2019, April, 25

Victoria and Christopher at Rowhill Grange

We whitnessed the first of the spring sunshine on the 30th March this year as we arrived for the wedding of Victoria & Christopher. Arriving at home in the morning to catch a glympse of the morning preperations before driving to St Martin's Church Erith for the ceremony. This video shows some of the highlights from this couples big day including the reception at Rowhill Grange where guests relaxed and partied into the night to the live music.

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2019, March, 14

Stephanie & Wayne at East Sussex National

February started for us with a return visit to East Sussex National to record the wedding of Stephanie & Wayne. Following an intermate ceremony guests gathered by the piano for drinks and nibbles before arriving in a 'Winter Wonderland' for dinner and dancing! A wonderful day for this lovely couple.

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2019, February, 14

Kathy and Tim at Alexander House Hotel

Our last Wedding of 2018 was spent at Alexander House with Tim and Kathy who celebrated and brought the New Year in amongst friends and family. A perfect way to end the year at one of our favourite Hotels. Happy New Year Mr & Mrs McCarthy-Godwin!

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2019, February, 10

Lauren & Spencer at Rowhill Grange

On one of our last weddings of 2018 we were greeted in Church by Lauren in her amazing Red Wedding dress, perfectly complimenting the Christmas mood on this crisp December afternoon. Starting at Church and following the day through to the packed festive dance floor at Rowhill Grange, this clip shows some of the highlights taken from the full video.

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